6 Reasons to See an Esthetician!

Your Skin: Having a relationship with me gives you an edge in taking good care of your skin. You still have to do the daily rituals, but I can point you in the right direction, keep track of changes, and, I can provide treatments such as proper extractions, exfoliation and nourishment which are hard to do yourself. Even if you do find the professional products through some sneaky online route, proper application/use is where results come from.

Your Health: I can tell when your health is out of whack. I am constantly researching and improving my “reading skills” By reading, I mean reading your skin. Break-outs on your cheeks are usually caused by a different set of issues than break-outs on your chin. Under-eye circles vary, and can be either genetic or attributed to a host of digestive/stress issues. Pre-mature aging is the same. It is my duty read your face and take that pressure off of you.

Your Mental Health: Many day-to-day life issues, such as guy-trouble and life transitions, are perfect conversations to have with me, your esthetician. Think about it: we see each other about once every 3-8 weeks, for an uninterrupted 30-90 minutes. There’s never judgement in my studio, and, since I’ve heard lots of different life issues, I am a good listener. Sometimes, having someone to listen is the most powerful thing, and the main thing you need.

Your Beauty Investment: I will help you make sure that your beauty investments are the best for your skin. You could buy 10 products looking for the right one, or pay a little bit more, get good advice, and buy 1.

Your Gorgeousness: Get your eyebrows sculpted! Yes, if you have hair above your lip you should wax it. Yes, you probably do have a couple hairs that peek out of your nostril, and yes, they should be waxed. A couple little tweaks here and there polish everything off. When your skin looks good, and your eyebrows are shaped, you’ll feel good!! You may even decide you need less make-up!

Your Senses: My beautiful studio always smells wonderful, has lovely lighting and great music. And touch! Touch is so important. Facial touch is a really powerful sense, and rare. My treatments ensure you have all your senses treated!

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